We are Merkin


Irreverent. Avant Garde. Gentlemen's Punk. 


Vocals, Guitar / Dane Delucchi
Guitar, Vocals / Alon "Noam" Burton
Drums / Jeremy Morrow







1. an artificial hairpiece for the pudendum; a pubic wig. 

2. A Mountain town power trio known to play loud rock music in Reno concert halls and dive bars. 

Merkin is...

Dane De Lucchi: Vocals, Bass

Alon Burton: Guitar, Vocals

Jeremy Morrow: Percussion


Inspired by Roger Water to have his instrument featured and not merely heard in the background, De Lucchi plays the bass like a lead guitarist, loud and upfront, but never overbearing. He coordinates his Baroque vocal delivery methodically in such a way that he tells you one story with his voice while his instrument tells the same story in a different language; his brilliance lies between these simultaneous narratives. The only thing more impressive than his bass play and vocals are the lyrics themselves. Dubbed "thinking man's rock" by their fans, the songwriting revisits the days when musicians spread discourse through art; in De Lucchi's own words, "music is just what we use to exchange ideas".


A true student of music, Alon Burton's negotiation of hard grunge riffs, progressive soloing, and melodic back tones is what drive the gap between the stale indie pop sound of modern rock and a new kind of progressive rock being invented as he plays his guitar. Morrow and De Lucchi are the rhythm and Burton is the sound. His soft baritone backing and sometimes lead vocals pair perfectly with the stretched bravado of De Lucchi's singing style. He can play with the speed and intensity of a hundred angry hornets, and often does, but he is at his best when his instrument draws you in slowly with his subtle chord progressions and precision picks, until it comes up and hits you hard in the face, unrelenting like rock 'n' roll was designed to be. 


Jeremy Morro has absolute mastery of what Cream drummer Ginger Baker called "time". Merkin's sound fuses the best parts of the last forty years of Rock and Morrow's command of the drums tells those four decades of musical history in every song. From having the patience and precision of Nick Mason to the speed and verbosity of Dave Grohl, Morrow's percussion work is the stem of the Merkin sound. 


Merkin is as much conceptual as they are musical. I hesitate to call them psychedelic, but they are without a doubt mind manifesting. A music so unique it has spawned numerous new sub-genre names, my favorites being Garage Opera and Gentlemen's Punk. But however you want to classify this band, know this, they are loud, they are fast, they are unapologetic and brilliant. Merkin is the answer to where all the real rock stars have gone. From the genius of their instrumentation to their uncanny collaborative stage energy, this band is the best thing to happen to rock music since the death of the hair band. Rock music is back. Merkin is playing it. 







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